Whether you need time to allow your mind and body to relax or are in need of deeper more focused maintenance work to relieve injury or tension, I have been refining my technique for ten years to bring you the best relief possible.

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Hello! My name is Jabeth Sachs and I have been a licensed massage therapist for over a decade. Growing up with parents who teach massage I have always had a strong affinity for helping others, and decided to pursue an education in massage as I felt it was the best way to help others as directly as possible.

I approach each and every session with one goal in mind, meeting and hopefully exceeding your expectations and needs for body work, and in doing so help you leave each treatment better than when you arrived.

From what I have found in my time as a Massage Therapist no one technique or style will ever solve every issue brought to my attention. Therefore, each massage is designed to your specifications drawing upon all of the various modalities I have learned over the last decade. My education and certification in massage work ranges from relaxing myofacial massage, to deep tissue sports massage, shiatsu, and reflexology .

I specialize in injuries, muscle maintenance, sciatic/low back pain, and neck injuries, but also have highly effective routines for relaxation and recovery.


FANTASTIC! He really listens to what you need. He is very competent and knowledgeable about the art of massage. Has the strength to be firm and give a deep massage when needed but is also gentle. Thanks Jai!

Laura Beth

Jai is an amazing massage therapist! He starts every session checking in to see if there is a problem area and makes sure that he checks in regularly during the session to make sure he is doing his best to help. He is happy to work with scheduling and makes sure that time can be made for everyone. He does an amazing massage and I couldn’t be happier with him!


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