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The Pressure: What is right for you and how to communicate it!

Let’s face it. Finding a massage therapist that suits your needs isn’t always easy. That’s why it’s important to know one of the most basic things you need yourself to find the right fit, and that is the kind of pressure you need.

Now I think many of you who have been to certain places or people know that they always ask you what kind of pressure do you like, and while this is a good question it isn’t always met in the right way after you answer.

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The amount of pressure and kind of pressure, is really a personal thing, but it’s more than that. Light pressure doesn’t always mean just putting lotion on your skin, and deep pressure doesn’t mean going to the bone.

In school one of the best classes I ever took was a class on intuitive massage work. In this class it was stressed that instead of focussing solely on technique that we really pay attention to the clients reactions, and that is where I found one of the most important aspects of my practice to give my clients the best results. Therapeutic touch.

The pressure you need really is based on how your tissue reacts. So, as a therapist it’s my job to find and apply the right kind of pressure. Too much and your body clams up and you can’t relax, you fight against the pressure, and a lot of the time your body ends up being more upset than when you first began.

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That is why when it comes to finding the right therapist make sure you find one that knows how to work on the line between effective and relaxing. At the most things should feel like a good hurt. By having this knowledge you can ensure you won’t wake up feeling beat up, just make sure to relay this to your therapist. Despite how intuitive we are, sometimes we aren’t completely on point. That is why I always check in with anyone I work with, I want them to have the relief they need.

So the next time you get a massage, remember, what feels best for you more often than not is what is best for you!

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